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Archimede of San Paolo invents and manufactures robots

Archimede of San Paolo invents and manufactures robots

Now for all is "the engineer," but he, Giovanni Zingaretti, 37 years of San Paolo di Jesi, did not attend the university, nor a school in electronic address. His studies made ​​them in a professional institute for agriculture, which has to do with the profession that exercises such as cabbage. However, the name that you port behind it won the "field".

"It 's true - he admits - when I introduce myself in a factory workman that there is always some when I see traffic between the printed circuit boards of a robot asks me if I happen to be a ingengere." Despite not having big qualifications, Giovanni Zingaretti the robot builds them seriously. And it has become so expert that companies worldwide rely on his imagination: the case of Merloni, Guzzini, the Clementoni, just to name a few. The industrial poses the problem of the "I need a machine that does this and that. And 'possible?" Zingaretti notes, stands in front of his computer and after a while 'days of answers: you can do. If yes, from that moment you forget everything and throws himself body and soul at work. "By now the house we have made ​​the call. Put me at the table to eat, then I get up because I found the solution. Even friends know this and are no longer the case if at any moment I into hiding. And this also happens when I go in the car, but now, after a couple of big fears that I took, I try not to think about work when I drive. bullet the invention have it since childhood, and was the grandmother Albina find out on the day when noticed that in the field of beans, of which he was very jealous, an infernal machine was putting the plants upside down. "i was 10 years old - remember - when i built that thing to peel the beans. At the time my grandmother nearly had a fit. But then, seeing that fatigue was reduced to half of the work, he was thrilled. "Now his work begins to give him great satisfaction. Last year had a turnover of 240 million and this year will reach 350 million. Yet at least for now, does not intend to expand, it does everything by itself, does not have a staff that helps him, because he says that as St. Thomas must see in person and inspect every part of the robot. "and then I need to design and silence peace of mind. "two ingredients that certainly does not lack. Lives in open country and to get there you have to walk the roads that put a strain on the suspension of the car." I know, but when someone comes to me for work to find enthuses the place immediately. Tell me how lucky you are to live in these parts. In fact, they are right, and then I was born. "But back to his profession. Finishing school (the one that agrotechnic repeat, has nothing to do with robots), was hired by a factory and also immediately showed them to handle it do with talent, so much so that he coming to the career status of foreman. in. But something told him that his path was different: to invent machines for the industry. so one day, we are in 1978, the plant cabin and puppets and started his own business: "My father the truth did not jump for joy: I had a debt of 40 million in machinery, but I was sure that I would have broken through. "And it was so. One day he phoned Giovanni Guzzini, the industrial Recanati, was looking for a suitable person for a particular job. Guzzini His name, he had been by chance." What you are looking for - said a friend - is located in San Paolo di Jesi and see, you will be satisfied. Guzzini calmly picks up the phone and called Zingaretti: "I know that she invents robots, I would like to meet her to submit an issue." Okay - says Zingaretti - but if the deal goes into port vglio 30% of the cost in advance . Guzzini said to him, "For the money, there are no problems. Inventor to hear the last words remains of stucco, it was the first time someone made ​​nn problems with money." This - he thought - pulls to cheat me. "Only when he went to Recanati he realized who he was dealing with." My mouth fell open and then Guzzini is truly a gentleman. "Robot in a few months and went into operation Zingaretti I was so pleased that patented it: cost him 320 thousand dollars. So most of the gain ended up in official documents. Afterwards pt then, not patented plus one. Behind Guzzini also came others: Merloni, Clementoni and many other companies in northern Italy. "But I rained down on him also requests incredible. Once a guy called me from Jesi, telling me if I could invent a robot to make meatballs because they had to produce more than two tons per day. Another wanted a machine for boning legs of chickens. One addiritture to engage the clothes. However, since that first robot much water has passed under the bridge. From the three simple functions now designing a machine that needs to remember its own functions, correcting any errors. Think of computers, programs and printed ciruciti was really fast: "It 's true, I wondered how my father was able to connect a light bulb by two points. When I bought the first PLC had no secrets from me. Ease I and to learn anything new, I get excited about, that's why I can make this work. Zingaretti the engineer is like that. Yet there is something that can distract from the work: the homemade pizza with his wife Gabriella. I'm going crazy, believe me it is a delicacy. "Pizza, computers and a few tumbles game with friends: here are the key points of Giovanni. "When you are about to enter a function I get excited like a first time. And 'one of my creature, I invented and built with my own hands, the result of a job that requires months and months of sacrifices. This is the daddy of the robot : a simple person who draws the creative force on this earth: the Vallesina, who is like him.

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